The training camp is run out of selected authentic boxing gyms, currently training amateur and professional fighters.

You will decide which gym is most convenient for you, joining existing programs currently producing champions. There is a friendly rivalry between all of the gyms involved, but don’t underestimate the competitiveness of the coaches! The camaraderie between the gyms and participants is one of the aspects our Contenders enjoy most about the program.

The training program is second to none and tailored to beginners. Focusing on the fundamentals of punch mechanics, defence and footwork, you can expect to climb through the ropes on fight night fully prepared and in peak condition for the challenge ahead.

From 4 weeks into the program there will be sparring days at participating gyms where all Contender squads will come together to spar against each other, giving you the best possible preparation in the lead up to your fight.

You will be expected to attend a minimum of 3 training sessions per week, but 4+ is more appropriate in order to be properly prepared.