Can anyone be accepted into the program?

No, there are a few prerequisites…

You must be over the age of 18

You will need to visit your doctor to pass serological testing and a medical in order to be registered as a combatant in NSW. You won’t need to be registered until a month prior to the show, but if you have any medical conditions of concern you should consult your doctor before starting the program.

When is training and how often should I come?

Each gym has a different timetable. Please prioritise Contender classes where possible, especially when you are informed that there will be sparring. Chat to your Coaches about which sessions will be best suited to your level and development needs. We recommend a bare minimum of 3 sessions per week.

I will need to be absent from training for a period of time during the program. Will we be able to work around it?

In most cases, yes, but have a chat with your Coaches to confirm.

Do I have to make a certain weight?

No, but once we agree on your fight weight, you need to let your coach know of any variations +/- 1kg.

We will weigh you at the start and discuss whether you are likely to maintain, gain or lose weight during the program. We will continue to check in regularly in the second half of the program.

When it comes time to match your fight, you will be informed of the agreed weight of your match.

Could I get hurt?

Your safety is genuinely our top priority.

The reality is that boxing is a combat sport and injuries can happen. Our training program puts a significant focus on defence. Our referees will look after you and there is a ringside doctor at every fight.

Will there be photos and footage of my fight?


We will provide you with a pack after the event which is covered in your sign up costs.

How do the fights get matched? Who will I be fighting?

When matching a fight, we will take many variables into consideration:

Weight, gender, age, prior experience in all combat sports, fitness, skilfulness, duration of training, injuries and other relevant factors. Some of these variables, such as weight and age, have strict criteria that must be followed in order for a fight to be approved.

Our preference is to match you to a CONTENDER from a different participating gym. However in some cases, the best possible match may be someone within your own squad. Either way, you can trust that you will be matched with your best interests in mind.

Your Coach will be responsible for signing off on your match so it is critical that you make it to sparring sessions so that we can see how you are progressing.

What is the difference between a ‘fight’ and an ‘exhibition’ bout?

A winner is declared following a fight. An exhibition is not judged and therefore both fighters hands are raised.

There is greater flexibility in matching an exhibition especially in regards to weight and age.

The intensity of an exhibition is less than a fight and there is a greater emphasis on keeping things technical as opposed to use of power.

A fight is usually but not always in 12oz gloves, an exhibition is in 16oz gloves.

Our goal is to match you for a fight. In some cases this is not advisable or is not possible.

There may be circumstances where by it is agreed with your Coach that it would be better for you to do an exhibition, some examples are:

You may have an injury.

You may feel more comfortable doing an exhibition.

We may not have a ideal match for you and an exhibition is the best option.

Do I get to pick my own walkout song?

Yes, of course!