Training costs vary from $75-$110 per week depending on the gym you choose.

This is inclusive of:

  • Gym membership

  • Contender specific classes

  • Program enrollment fee

  • SYDNEY CONTENDER training singlet

  • Professional photography and videography of your fight

  • Free General Admission entry into all fight nights at the end of your season


  • All Contenders are required to sell a minimum of 1 table of 10 to their supporters. This minimum sales requirement must be finalised no later than 3 weeks prior to fight night or you will be debited for one silver table ($2300).

  • Your registration to Boxing Australia NSW is $100-$120 and will last until Dec 31st of that calendar year. This also covers your insurance.

  • Registration with the NSW Combat Sports Authority costs $20 for 3 years.

  • Most bulk billing medical centres will do your medical and serology tests for no charge, but there may be the usual gap payments for private GPs.


You will need at minimum:

  • Wraps

  • 16 oz velcro boxing gloves

  • Boxing boots

  • Groin guard for the men

  • A mouth guard (feel free to start with a chemist model, we will arrange for a professional mouth guard provider to come fit anyone who wishes to purchase at a group discounted rate)

  • Red/Blue uniform (some gyms will have uniforms that you can borrow)


  • Your own headgear

  • 12 oz velcro boxing gloves for hitting the bag and pads


  • Robes…for your grand entrance!

  • Competition headgear

  • Competition Gloves